VanCo Building Supplies and RTM Sales

What a difference a year makes!

By Dolores Caldwell

  This time last year, Mike, Darek and Stephen Vandenberghe of VanCo Building Supplies and RTM Sales were featured on the front of the Reston Recorder/Border Connection, standing on a mound of dirt with trackhoes working feverously behind them. A lot has changed since then. “We have put up a storage building that will eventually house our offices,” said Mike Vandenberghe. “Right now, we are still in our temporary offices and have not had time to complete our permanent ones. A second building that will house our construction and electrical is partially done on the second lot we purchased from the RM of Pipestone.” Vandenberghe is hoping to have these buildings completed by spring.

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  VanCo’s staff has more than tripled in size. “We have a total staff of 16, including office, design and the trades,” explained Vandenberghe. “We are trying to manage the growth of the company, but it has been hard, when a company becomes very busy off the start, it creates problems.”
  Vandenberghe wasn’t completely sure of the number of projects completed, “Over the course of the year, we have worked on 25 projects and are close to the end of 5 homes. We are behind on four major projects and have hired in subcontractors to help speed up the process.”

    If you are planning on getting a house built, keep in mind that this newly formed company is booked right through 2018 with 7 projects underway and are in the process of negotiating on another 5.

  “Moving to Reston has been a good move for us,” said Vandenberghe. “It has given us the ability to work within a radius for on-site builds, easy moves for the RTM and has put us in a good situation in which the company can continue to grow.” Family is still the main reason that these three brothers have started a company in Reston. Mike stated that main factor of moving home was to give back to the community for generations to come.

  VanCo has helped with the influx of families to the RM. “We have employees that have moved into the Reston area and still have a few that are looking into the possibility.”

  Homes (some being RTMs) that have been constructed by VanCo can be seen in Erickson, Coulter, Grand Clairiere, and Reston. Out of province in Redvers, Saskatchewan and even as far as Fort McMurray, Alberta.

 VanCo is steadily expanding, presently they have added design and drafting services to the company. They are hoping to be soon selling floorplans through their “We are cutting back on building supplies and concentrating more on building homes. We have a full time tiler, and are doing jobs that highlight individual skill sets of our employees, not just the construction company. We now have an electrical division and offer electrical services for residential, farm, and commercial.  We have two Journeyman Electricians and are licensed in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan.”

  VanCo is located on the corner of 6th Ave. and 9th Street in Reston or call 204.877.3087.

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