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Oil Caps

Biggest news of the week (year?), has to be the letting go of Oil Caps' first and only GM and head coach, Troy Leslie, after seven years at the helm of Virden’s junior hockey team. He has been the face of the franchise and has only missed the playoffs once (inaugural season) but after only one strong playoff run, the club has obviously decided to go in a different direction. Applications are being accepted as we speak and it will be very interesting to see who in the hockey world wants to take this position.

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There's nothing quite like a Sunday at the Masters but this year proved to be something quite special and unexpected. In one of the most exciting Masters finishes ever, several of the top ranked golfers in the world battled it out for the coveted Green Jacket but it was a familiar figure who eventually put it on.


For a golfer who only 18 months ago many thought his illustrious career was over due to back problems (four surgeries), Tiger (Woods) methodically hunted down his opposition and donned his fifth jacket. In one of the greatest personal comebacks in sports history, Tiger proved everybody wrong, he still has his touch and "mojo" going and without a doubt, the world of golf is better for it.



Everyone knows that the Blue Jays are in a rebuilding year, and will be for quite some time. We also all know that it's early in the season and expectations obviously aren't that high but surely they can put up a better "fight" than what we've seen so far. Case in point, they struck out a minimum of 13 times in six consecutive games (they're averaging 11 a game, tops in the majors). At least put the ball in play, hard to win games with so many "K's" on the scoresheet.


Came across some interesting Opening Day MLB stats on salaries, thought you might be interested to know that; a) highest paid player is the Nationals P Max Scherzer at $42 million, b) minimum salary is $555 K, the Padres have 20 boys playing for peanuts, c) highest team payroll are the Dodgers at $211 million, d) lowest team payroll are the TB Rays at a meagre $53 million, e) the Jays are the only team that doesn't officially have a player making over $10 million (Justin Smoak makes $8 mil).


I say officially because don't forget they're on the hook for $19.5 million of Troy Tulowitzki's and Russell Martin's $20 million contracts this season. Great management eh?, paying $39 million to two players who aren't even on your team.



Are we witnessing a new "World Order" unfolding right before our eyes during these NHL playoffs? What is happening, the Blue Jackets and my Islanders walking all over the Lightning and Penguins, respectfully. Can this be true? I also see that, true to form, the officiating standard has once again been lowered substantially come playoff time. The battle of skill now becomes a battle of attrition. Until next time....




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