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Our Manitoba government is no longer proceeding with a provincial carbon tax, and will fight Ottawa on its plan for an escalating federal carbon tax that would take money from Manitobans’ pockets and hurt our economy.

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We are continuing to move forward with our Manitoba Climate and Green Plan, which had initially proposed a flat carbon price of $25 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions to provide stability to consumers, business, industry and agriculture. All revenue collected through our carbon price would have been returned to Manitoba households in tax relief while remaining in our province to be used for Manitoba’s priorities, such as creating jobs and stimulating innovation in a growing green economy.

Our fixed carbon price would also have brought more emissions reductions in Manitoba than the federal carbon tax of $50 per tonne. However, the federal government has given us no assurance that it would not impose its higher and rising carbon tax over and above a Manitoba levy. That would mean twice the carbon tax in Manitoba, taking money away from Manitoba families, threatening jobs and hampering our ability to attract investment.

That would be unacceptable. So we will not include a provincial carbon tax with our made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan, and we will stand up for Manitobans by opposing the federal Liberal government’s planned carbon tax that would damage our province’s economy.

Our provincial Climate and Green Plan will continue to encourage investments in renewable energy and a reduction in energy consumption, and is based on the pillars of cleaner water, conservation of natural areas, strengthening the economy and addressing climate change. The made-in-Manitoba plan will move forward without a carbon tax while making a positive and lasting impact on our province.

Doyle Piwniuk

MLA for Arthur-Virden

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