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New books at the library

The library has reopened with some adjustments for the time being. We are here Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please use social distancing, members will be able to browse the book shelves on their own again, though we ask that if you decide you don’t want a book that you looked at, please bring it to the front rather than re-shelving it. Thank you. 


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Adult Fiction

Ridgerunner by Gil Adamson. November 1917. After nearly twenty years, William Moreland, the notorious thief known as the Ridgerunner, has returned. And he is determined to steal enough money to secure his son's future. Twelve-year-old Jack Boulton, born in the woods to two outlaws, now finds himself semi-orphaned and left in the care of Sister Beatrice. The boy longs to return to his family's cabin, deep in the Sawback Range. His father is coming for him. The nun won't let him go. Author of "The Outlander."

Family Money

Raising Money-Smart Kids by Robin Taub. A practical resource to help parents explain to kids the importance of learning about money. By guiding parents through the five aspects of money management - Earn, Save, Spend, Share and Invest - the book provides hands-on suggestions that parents can apply to teaching kids about money at any age.

Adult Mystery

A Silent Death by Peter May. A Silent Death unites a strong, independent Spaniard with a socially inept Scotsman; a senseless vendetta with a sense-deprived victim; and the red-hot Costa del Sol with an ice-cold killer. 

Adult Romance

On Ocean Boulevard by Mary Alice Monroe. Monroe returns at long last to the Isle of Palms in this breathtaking novel about one family's summer of forging new beginnings against the enduring beauty and resilience of the natural world. Like the sea turtles that come ashore annually on these windswept islands, three generations of the Rutledge family experience a season of return, rebirth, and growth. The sixth book in the Beach House series


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