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Selections from Border Regional Library, Virden

Adult bestseller:

Tailspin by Sandra Brown: Rye Mallett, a fearless pilot who flies freight in any weather, has a reputation for delivering the goods safely to their destination. When one pilot refuses to fly into a fogbound Georgia town to deliver a mysterious black box to a Dr. Lambert, Rye doesn’t hesitate. As Rye is landing, someone aims a laser at his face, blinding him and he veers off into the bush. He is able to move, grabs the black box, hides himself and waits for the suspect to show up.

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The Breakers by Marcia Muller: A Sharon McCone mystery. Sharon's neighbours, the Curleys, ask her to check on their daughter, Chelle, who hasn't answered their calls for over a week. She has been living at her latest rehab project, a Prohibition era nightclub known as the Breakers, which was a favoured destination for the elite of San Francisco. It was converted to an apartment building. Something is creating a sinister feeling, and Sharon soon discovers why. Between two floors, a secret room holds a macabre art gallery. Alarmed, Sharon wonders what Chelle is doing in this evil space and the search is on.

Swift Vengeance by T. Jefferson Parker: A thriller. Private Investigator Roland Ford is investigating the criminal who has been attacking CIA drone operators and leaving puzzling clues at the crime scenes.

The Money Shot by Stuart Woods and Parnell Hall: A Teddy Fay novel featuring Stone Barrington. Teddy Fay, a man of mystery and intrigue, has a new disguise, that of a stuntman and actor in Centurion Pictures’ most recent film. When the leading lady begins to receive blackmail threats, he is there, ready to investigate. It seems that the villains don’t want money, they want prestige and a little vengeance.

Adult audio book:

Paradox by Catherine Coulter, performed by MacLeod Andrews and Renee Raudman.

Adult fiction:

The Overstory by Richard Powers: Winner of the National Book Award. Nine strangers are summoned together to take a stand that will save the continent’s few remaining acres of unspoiled forests. A work of activism and resistance.

Adult non-fiction:

A Deal with the Devil; the dark and twisted true story of one of the biggest cons in history by Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken

Legion: Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario Command Military Service Recognition Book, volume 8

Junior picture book:

In the Middle of Fall by Kevin Henkes


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