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Adult fiction by local author Bonnie Lawrence. Enjoy!

Now What? 1st in the Maui series

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Message to Maui, 2nd in the Maui series

Moose Mountain Escape

The Moment You Were Born, 1st in the Rainbow Beach series

The Blue Lagoon Hotel

Adult bestseller:

Juror #3 by James Patterson and Nancy Allen: Ruby, a newcomer to Rosedale, Mississippi, is also new to the Mississippi Bar. She is tapped as defense counsel in a racially-charged felony case. Some think her inexperience will aid in a swift conviction. She decides to build a good defense for her client, a former college football star who has returned home after an injury ended his career. Help arrives in the form of another attorney, Suzanne, and Shorty, a diner cook who knows a lot more than he lets on.

Dark Tide Rising, a William Monk novel by Anne Perry: A thrilling Victorian mystery. Monk is asked by a wealthy real estate developer, Harry Exeter, to secretly accompany him to Jacob's Island, a warren of tunnels and alleys where the kidnappers are planning to exchange Kate for the ransom money. When Monk and his five men arrive at dusk and low tide, they are attacked when they enter one of the tunnels and he needs to find out who betrayed them.

In His Father's Footsteps by Danielle Steel: The story of two World War II concentration camp survivors, Jakob and Emmanuelle, who escape to New York. Decades later Jakob has achieved success in the diamond business and invested in real estate in New York. He shows their son Max that America truly is the land of opportunity. Max chooses a perfect bride to start his perfect family. Life changes and Max has to struggle, persevere and walk in his father's footsteps while he sets an example for his children.

A Forgotten Place by Charles Todd: A Bess Crawford mystery. Back in England, Bess has been assigned to a clinic to care for patients who are waiting to return to their homes. Some of them used to work in Wales mining coal. A few weeks after they return home, their officer writes to Bess. Her reply to his letter comes back marked "Return to Sender". She travels to that bleak village on her ten days of leave. Deserted by her frightened driver in the middle of the night, she is surrounded by suspicious villagers who think she knows too much. She realizes that she told no one where she was going.

Adult non-fiction:

Quinoa 365: the everyday superfood:: more than 170 delicious recipes by Patricia Green and Carolyn Hemming

Junior fiction:

Royal Crown: from the notebooks of a middle school princess by Meg Cabot

Junior non-fiction:

1000 Useful Words: build vocabulary and literacy skills by Dawn Sirett


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