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Week of April 25, 2019

Adult bestseller:

Broken Bone China by Laura Childs: Charleston. Theodosia and Drayton are floating in among half a dozen colorful hot air balloons, just enjoying the flight, thinking of the tea she is catering for the Top Flight Balloon Club later. A drone appears, zooming out of the gray clouds as the sunny sky disappears. It crashes into the balloon next to them, causing the three passengers to plummet to earth. The police think the target was one of the passengers, the CEO of a software company. But who sent the drone?

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California Girlsby Susan Mallery: Think you have problems? In the same week these three sisters suffer breakups with their partners, start over and rebuild their lives.

The Huntress by Kate Quinn: "In the aftermath of war, the hunter becomes the hunted." Nina grows up at the icy edge of the taiga and at nineteen joins an all-female night bomber regiment fighting on the eastern front. Downed behind enemy lines, she crosses the path of the Huntress and needs all her wits to survive. She becomes the only witness to escape her clutches and joins forces with Ian to hunt the Huntress.

Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson: Henrietta and her husband have settled into a quiet life in a suburban house near Boston. She loves her studio and being able to create. When they meet the couple next door, she sees a familiar object in the husband's office, it looks exactly like something tied to an unsolved crime years ago. She is unnerved, discretely watching him. She thinks he is planning something. One night she comes face to face with Matthew in the dark and realizes that he knows that she knows something.

Adult inspirational:

Another Angel of Love by Henry K. Ripplinger: It seems as if Jenny has just disappeared. Two years after she and her family moved away, Henry still thinks about her and is so hopeful. He sends her letters but there is no reply to any of them. He tucks a pewter angel into the last one, not knowing that all the other letters have been destroyed, yet somehow the last one will be saved.

Adult non-fiction:

Essential Rainwater Harvesting: a guide to home-scale system design by Rob Avis & Michelle Avis

Genealogy 101: how to trace your family's history and heritage by Barbara Renick

4 Ingredient Recipes by Jean Pare

Garden Greens by Jean Pare

The Halifax Explosion: Canada's worst disaster December 6, 1917 by Ken Cuthbertson

Adult western:

Return of the Spirit Rider by Cotton Smith

Young adult:

The Dysasters by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Junior easy:

See and Slide: In the garden

Junior fiction:

The Treasure Seekers by Thea Stilton

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