One thing ... can really make a difference!

Here’s a question for you to ponder for just one minute. Is the addition of one new piece of something enough to revitalize your room? Recently a client posed this question, so I spent some time thinking about it and have decided the answer is, "yes!"

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Whether you sat looking at your space and thought, “man I am bored with this room - it just needs something,” or you have a ratty looking chair in the corner that just has to go, you really can substantially change the look and feel of your room with a few simple changes.


Image previewLet’s use your living room for example. You have a three-piece brown leather sofa, love seat, and a matching chair. Yup, remember when your husband went shopping with you and you succumbed to the guilt from him and the salesman? You wanted something new, he saw this and liked it so that’s what you settled with. Don’t worry, you are not alone, but since it’s still in pretty good shape you just can’t justify replacing it all. Maybe you could talk him into just one piece. Maybe the chair.  Even though the set would not be a choice you’d make if you could start over again, adding in some character and revitalizing the entire room is possible and even easy if you do it right.

A nice patterned chair in the blue/grey tones will be a nice contrast. You’ll be shocked at how adding in some contrasting color will change the light and appearance in the room, reflecting and drawing your eyes to different places, creating a subtle visual change to the entire space and giving it a new feel.

A room that can see a big change with just a little “something-something” is the kitchen.

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Pop some colour and contrast into those counter stools. You really have minimal chances in your kitchen because it is generally full of cabinets and windows. So, don’t take this opportunity lightly. Give your kitchen some pizazz and make a statement with some great red stools or even do what I like to do and choose two different colours and patterns. Then take your choice and add in some canisters or a nice bowl on your kitchen island, and voila!

It really doesn’t have to be a huge cost to freshen your home, just listen to someone who can help you make the choice that will give you a great pop for your buck, and most of all be brave enough to take the chance and make a bold choice!

So, till next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying, “Sometimes a small change can make a difference in many parts of your life… like just showing up at the gym. Try it!”


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