Speech festival winners awarded

Talent speaks up at the final concert in Hamiota

In Speech sessions of the Birdtail River Fine Arts Festival held in November at Hamiota, winning competitors received nominations to provincial competition that will be held in Brandon in 2020. There were trophies and scholarships awarded as well.

Nominated to Provincials

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Elly Priestley (Miniota) – Gr. 4-6 Solo Poetry

Madison Currah (Hamiota); Jake Muir (Miniota) – Gr. 4-6 Public Speaking

Acadia Huberdeau (Hamiota) – Gr. 4-6 Solo Poetry

Mae Fulton(Birtle) Gr. 7-9 Public Speaking

Evan Fulton (Birtle) Gr. 7-9 Public Speaking

Roanna Davison (Hamiota) Gr. 7-9 Public Speaking (alternate)

Wyatt Anderson (Isabella) Gr. 10 – 12 Public Speaking

Trophies and Awards

Elly Priestly(Miniota) – Hamiota Lions Club Trophy (highest mark) Solo Spoken Poetry Gr. 1-4

Katie Howard & Jocelyn Brown (Miniota) – L & J Oakden Medallions most outstanding duet, trio or quartet

Chloe Facey (Hamiota)– Kenton Legion Ladies Aux. Scholarship Gr. 4-6

Acadia Huberdeau(Isabella) – Hamiota Collegiate award highest mark Solo Spoken Poetry Gr. 5-8

Miniota Gr. 5-8 Choir – Drake Cattle Co. award Speech Choir Gr. 5-6

Harmony Wilson(Kenton) – Isabella W.I. Scholarship Gr. 1-3

Aiden Lewis(Miniota) – Wm. C. Davison Scholarship Gr. 7-12

Wyatt Anderson – Glen Sytnyk Trophy & Scholarship highest mark in Public Speaking

Honorable Mentions

Jude Davison(Hamiota) – Gr. 1-3 Solo Spoken Poetry

Boden Brown, Cohen Gies, Lincoln Judd, & Callum Priestley (Miniota) – Quartet Gr.3

Robyn McNabb, Anika Conde & Maddison Currah– Trio Gr.4-6

Duet Kendra Dale & Brady Gregory (Hamiota) – Duet Gr. 4-6

Jake Muir and Colby Howard – Duet Gr.4

Landon Clark (Miniota) – Solo Spoken Poetry Gr.4-6



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