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Progressive, ambitious action plan for first 100 days

With a renewed mandate from Manitobans, our government is beginning another term with a progressive and ambitious plan to continue to make our province the most improved in Canada. We are following up on our progress since 2016 in fixing provincial finances, repairing our services and rebuilding Manitoba’s economy by getting to work with an action plan for our new term’s first 100 days.

Our Progressive Conservative team has already started to implement our new five-point Moving Manitoba Forward Guarantee of record tax relief, better health care sooner, more schools for students, more jobs for people across the province and made-in-Manitoba solutions for climate change.

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By our 100th day of this new term on Dec. 20, our government will have introduced 20 new bills as part of our bold agenda to bring lower taxes, better services and a stronger economy for all Manitobans.

The 100-day action plan includes new legislation to put in place our 2020 Tax Rollback for savings of at least $2,020 over the next four years for the average taxpayer. It also includes our move toward the creation of 200 new nursing positions and plans for a $90-million reconstruction of St. Boniface Hospital’s emergency department.

In addition, the action plan will see the launch of separate Ideas Funds for health-care workers and for teachers, to help them develop solutions for streamlining operations in their respective sectors and for improving patient care and results for students. The plan will, as well, bring progress on the construction of 20 new schools across the province.

The economy – and job creation, in particular - is a key part of the action plan. During our first 100 days, we are hosting the first Manitoba Jobs Summit, working on improvements recommended in a new planning and zoning review, advancing the elimination of interprovincial trade barriers and consulting the private sector on our goal to end the use of single-use plastic bags. We will also announce the first recipients of funding through the Growing Opportunities in Watersheds Trust.

Throughout these first 100 days and the next four years, we will commit to keeping our promises as our government has done since our first term began. While reducing the provincial sales tax and cutting ambulance fees in half, shortening hospital emergency wait times and investing more than $1 billion annually in strategic infrastructure, we have completed 90 per cent of our commitments from 2016 and continue to work on the rest.

We have achieved these results with Manitobans and look forward to continued consultation and partnership with them. In this new term, our government will keep moving Manitoba forward while bringing people across our province lower taxes, better services and a stronger economy.

We can’t wait to get started!

Submitted by Greg Nesbitt

MLA for Riding Mountain 


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