Why not Virden?

I am so excited to be beginning my ministry in Virden and with the people of St Paul’s United Church. Along with the Baptists in town, many other local United churches are also beginning new or renewed ministries.
I genuinely believe that God has called me and my family here, though I do not yet know the “for such a time as this” (Esther) that I may be here.
Before I left Camrose, Alberta, when I announced my move, people asked about where I was going. Now that I’m here, they ask about where I last served.
Usually the second or third question is about how big the communities and churches are. I wonder what this curiosity is about. Why would I move from a larger city church to a smaller town church?
I could give practical answers about my spouse’s career, which was a factor, or about proximity to family (in Southern Ontario) another good point, but the reality for me is that I believe God has called me here.  
I have lived in small villages of less than 200 and in cities of over a million people. The size of a place matters little. God is there, and it is my job, my calling, to discover that together with you.
I have served congregations with fewer than ten and more than 200 in worship. Whoever is there, I am called, it is my job, to help us realize the dream Jesus calls “the Kingdom of God” together.
May all of us who are in new ministries and our congregations be a part of rediscovering where God is and living God’s dream together.  

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Submitted by Rev. Liz Carter-Morgan, St. Paul's United Church 


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