You Need a Personal God

Once in a while you have a discussion with a person and the subject of God comes up. What is God like?  What evidence is there for God’s reality? Why is faith a part of this “God thing”? 

Good questions these are. But the irony is that, as people of intelligence, having an intelligent conversation about God requires a little self-awareness.

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For example, perhaps God is some invisible force that doesn’t have a personality. He’s just an energy that binds us together. That is strange of course, because how could the Being that is “greater” than us lack features we ourselves have? That isn’t greater at all.

Or perhaps God is a person of some sort, but it doesn’t matter anyway, since obviously we are stuck on this rock all alone and he has left us here to sort out life on our own. He’s a distant, cold fellow whom we can have a strong grudge toward.

That is very strange to believe, I think. You yourself have made kids, and treated them better than that.  If God is so much greater then his concern for us must be greater still.

Finally, if he is, then why is faith a part of this thing, why doesn’t he just come out and show himself, if he’s so great!? A good question.

How do you say he has not shown himself? Do we think a greater Being has a body like ours? Has a face and hands and can just walk around on the earth answering our questions about him? How preposterous! A great God wouldn’t dare show up in such a humble vessel as a human with whom we can interact… Of course faith is the key!

Or… Isn’t that the rub? It was the Jew, Jesus Christ who said, “I and the Father are one.” And they picked up stones to kill him. Jesus also said, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” And in Jesus the essential questions about God are all answered. He is real. He is personal. He cared enough to die on a cross so that none should perish for sin. And his story lingers on in the lives of the faithful, daring all to believe that if he has appeared once, he will make good on his promise to appear again, in the sky.  

Your life needs a personal God. Your problems need a personal God. Your kids and grandkids do, too.  Your loneliness needs a personal God. And the evidence that a personal God exists gets celebrated every Christmas and Easter. Perhaps it’s time to meet him for yourself? With a little bit of faith.

Matthew Enns

Oak Lake Berean Church

© Virden Empire-Advance

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