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Christmas, New Years visits - and new neighbours

Princess Lodge

By Bernice Graham

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Christmas guests on Dec. 25 with Janice Simpson were Lori and Wayne Stuart, Troy, Catherine, Ben Logan and Kennedy, Karly, Derek, Zane Hodgins, Wayne and Marie Simpson, Drew and Aaron from Virden, Gordon, Lisa, Jason and Melissa Sheane from Winnipeg. Happy New Year to everyone and all the best in 2019.

Alene Welch spent the Christmas holidays with her son Murray at Rocky Mountain House, Alta. along with the rest of the family: Norma, Don, Warren, Michelle, Caden and Trenton Cole, and Edy, Wayne, Laura, Wesley and Leilanie Clayton. A wonderful holiday.

Marilyn Kinnear and Calvin of Red Deer accompanied Joyce Heaman out to Brian and Sandy Heaman’s for Christmas. Marilyn and Calvin spent evenings with Stan and Norma Millar at Bradwardine as well. Joyce Heaman accompanied Willie and Bev Zwarich out for supper and visiting at Boston Pizza on Boxing Day.

The Grahams visited with Tim and Heather and family and Dennis and Joan Hack of Rocanville during the holidays.


By Bev Peel

Happy New Year to all and the best of health in 2019!

The Miniota community welcomes Greg and Marge Cloak into the Parkissimo Lodge as new residents there.

Residents from the Parkissimo Lodge and some family members were entertained with piano music at the United Church while Raven McKenzie practiced his Gr. 8 piano for an upcoming practical piano exam at Yorkton, Sask.

The Senior Exercises will continue on Jan. 14 for ten sessions.

Sixty-two members of the Marg Taylor family enjoyed a pot luck gathering on Christmas Eve at the Miniota rink following the United Church service at 1 p.m. There were 29 great-grandchildren in attendance which provided a very lively atmosphere! Skating, gift giving and visiting was enjoyed by all.

Christmas day guests with Delbert and Pat Cole included Marg Taylor, Cathie and Kelvin Hollier, Tricia and Jeff Lelond and family, Pam and Brad Hickman and boys, Brad and Stephanie Cole and girls.

Christmas Eve, 20 of Hollis Stewart's family enjoyed a gathering at the Rivers Rehab Center family room.

Winners of the Senior Bonspiel: first, Don Armitage; second, Rob Warkentin; third, Joan Gurr; with six rinks entering.

Parkissimo Lodge

Over 2018, Miniota’s Parkissimo Lodge welcomed Margaret and Glen Still, Faye Campbell, and Marg and Greg Cloake.

Sylvia Jewar spent Christmas in Winnipeg with Bernie, Rhonda, and Grayson Jewar, and Boxing Day in Virden with Debbie and Art Maxwell.

Mary Hurlin went to Winnipeg to Rick, Wendy, Riley and Shelby Hurlin’s for Christmas. Wendy’s mother Pat and Jack joined them.

Marg and Greg Cloake had Christmas at their farm with their family.

Margaret and Glen Still had an early Christmas with Robert, Brenda and family, and then went to Peace River, AB to spend Christmas with Ken, Jody and family. Hazel, Dillon and Colby Wall visited on New Year’s.

Dorothy Argue had a busy Christmas day, going to Danny’s for breakfast, Ollie and Randy McKean’s for lunch, and Tracy McKean’s for supper. Diane Perchaluk visited over the weekend.

Sandra Nash was in Saskatoon, Sask. with Dean and Lindsay for Christmas, and in Kamloops, B.C. with Greg and Shannon Nash and family for New Year’s.

Mae Watters visited over Christmas with the Vandelhams and Claytons in Brandon.

Jenny Askew spent Christmas at the farm with her family.

Dorothy Amy had an early Christmas on Dec. 23 with Lynn and Marlene Amy and with Barry and Althea Asselstine on Christmas Day. She also visited Doris Asselstine in Shoal Lake.

Faye Campbell travelled to Thompson, spending Christmas with her family there. She attended a version of the Nutcracker Suite ballet put on by the Aurora Dance Studio, which is managed by daughter Lois. Dance teachers include granddaughters Ashley and Jessica.

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