A lane less travelled awaits savvy drivers

A recent visit to the RM of Wallace-Woodworth by a team of three from Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation brought to light the fact that King Street, managed by the Province, is a four-lane street. Although that was not the main purpose of their visit.


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Transportation engineers talked about upcoming changes that will clarify the use of turning lanes. The purpose will be to help traffic flow better at the corner of Highway 1 and King Street/PR 259.

Safety is always a priority with provincial road and traffic engineers, and in this case, the goal is to avoid sudden weaving around cars that are turning left.

Those changes are not going to happen this winter, but they are coming. There will be signage advising drivers of as well as paint on the pavement indicating the lanes and their designated usage.

Until then, Virden drivers could get into the practice of using all the lanes available on King Street. Certainly, Virden traffic is insignificant compared even to Brandon. Never-the-less, traffic could flow more smoothly.

Numerous destinations along King St., mean many turns along the street. Drivers behind the left-turn car have to wait, but they could choose to take the right/curb lane to proceed down (or up) King Street.

Cars turning right into businesses or side streets should do so from the right/curb lane on King. But how many times do drivers turn right from the main lane of traffic? Surprise, surprise, they cross the right lane to do so.

Lane choices are a blessing, every city has them. Virden drivers, you have one too. There’s no parking allowed in the curb-side lanes on King Street. Take advantage of that amenity.


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