Citizen's 'take ' on Carbon Tax decision

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re: letter on Carbon Tax by Doyle Piwniuk, Virden Empire-Advance, Oct. 19, 2018 


Arthur-Virden MLA Piwniuk tells us, "Our Manitoba government is no longer proceeding with a provincial carbon tax and will fight Ottawa on its plan for an escalating federal carbon tax that would take money from Manitobans' pockets and hurt our economy."  

However, I see things a little bit different. Here's my take.

The Premier came to the realization that in order for the carbon tax plan to be effective, he would have to include all the big polluters, as well as the hog industry. Undoubtedly, such action would hurt his popularity.

So as a crafty politician, he basically reneged on his original plan, which now will allow the federal government to implement their carbon tax which will encompass all sources of pollution within the province. They will get the blame and Pallister will retain his popularity, unscathed.  

Basically, it's the “ole switcheroo” plan, often used and quite effective.


John Fefchak

Virden, MB.


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