Granddaughter's inlaws rescued from Bahamas after Dorian

A year ago, I travelled to the beautiful Bahamas to attend the marriage of my granddaughter, Rebecca, to Barry Bostwick, who grew up on the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas.

Barry Bostwick and Rebecca met at Pensacola Christian College in Florida. He followed her to Thompson when she returned home in 2017, and they were married in Marsh Harbour in August, 2018. In fact, he grew up in Marsh Harbour, one of the hardest hit areas during Hurricane Dorion. Over 70,000 Bahamians were left homeless after 185 mph winds ripped entire buildings off their foundations. The commercial hub of the Abaco Islands was completely destroyed by the hurricane.

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Barry's family survived the disaster, but their house in Marsh Harbour is beyond saving. The Grandma died three weeks later as the house had fallen on her. Getting off the island was difficult, since his family had to scavenge gas from abandoned boats to make it to Treasure Cay Airport.

The stench of death was just everywhere because it was not possible to move the bodies scattered throughout the streets. There wasn't a single power line up - all snapped in half. No infrastructure, no gas, no food.

Rebecca started a GoFundMe campaign to help the family start over. Outside of paying for their flights out of the country, this campaign also focused on giving the Bostwick family money to buy clothes, food, and other necessities so they can get back on their feet.

Although Barry and Rebecca will not be able to return to Barry's childhood home, or to the place where they were married, they are thankful the family are alive and well, and for the donations which made this all possible.

Faye Campbell


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