Letter: Tattered, faded flags need to go

Letter to the Editor

So very often, during our travels, you will see tattered flags that do not deserve the dignity of being hoisted and flown. This shows a lack of respect for our nation’s symbol.

Flags are a representation of honour and pride for Canada and Canadians. Flags should always be treated with respect and displayed in a dignified manner.

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I also would encourage all those who enjoy the privilege of displaying our national and provincial flags to do so with reverence and an attitude of pride. Proper etiquette and protocol must be foremost at all times. For the flag is a symbol of national unity and how we treat our symbol is a reflection of ourselves.

Any national and provincial flags that are faded, torn, or tattered by the wind can be dropped off at the Canadian Legion for appropriate disposal.

John Fefchak (CWO) retired

Virden, MB.

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