Letter: Tax bill for new sewage plant unfair

Dear Town of Virden Mayor & Council,

Cc: Virden Empire-Advance

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After receiving the letter from the town indicating the amount payable on Phase One of the water treatment plant upgrade, I feel I am being unfairly assessed. ($4,400 or ten payments of $573.28)

My property taxes are $3,855 a year. That adds up to a tax bill of $4,428 approximately.

When property owners are billed for Phase II, which is expected to be double, my taxes will go up another $732. If I pay the one-time payments for both phases together, it comes to $12,800.

My building has a one-inch line to the meter. A 5/8-inch line would be quite adequate. Therefore, I am being overcharged when you consider water consumption amounts. In 2017, my water consumption for my four-unit apartment building was $949.60.

Charges based on water consumption would be fairer assessment.

Jack Boyd

Virden, MB

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