Letter to Editor:

Pallister's "error of omission" re: carbon tax

Dear Editor,

I don't think Premier Pallister was telling the whole story when he was interviewed on CBC Radio recently. He explained, Manitoba doesn't need a carbon tax because "We're already green!"

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What he failed to mention was that, less than a year ago, his government did away with important regulations which had been protecting us at least a bit from the excesses of factory hog barns. This de-regulation was all done so that this already large industry could expand. 

And, despite a wealth of science that shows the harm this industry has, for years, inflicted on our water, soil and air (and even on human health through the overuse of antibiotics), expanding it is, with countless new mega-barns going up as we speak. 

Predictably, this is also being accompanied by a growing swell of complaints from rural residents whose solitude, privacy and property values are being invaded, not only by the stench from the barns and the manure being spread widely on food crops, but from dust and noise from fleets of big trucks rumbling along, nearby. 

And, don't forget, animal agriculture is a significant contributor to our climate crisis, which was, after all, the topic at hand. 

At best, Mr. Premier, it was a serious error of omission.

Larry Powell

Shoal Lake, Man.

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