Letter to the Editor

The Five Ps of Manitoba's pork industry

re: Ads by Manitoba Pork. “Hog Sector invigorating Rural Communities”, Virden Empire Advance, May 24.

Back in 2000, a statement in a public discussion paper on livestock stewardship and signed by three cabinet ministers had this to say:

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“The Manitoba government has a responsibility to guide this development, and ensure industry growth does not occur at the expense of the environment or our quality of life. To develop a plan for growth that is both viable and sustainable, we must consider the issues from all perspectives – economics, environmental and social. It is a trust and challenge we take very seriously.”

Back then, we know what the Manitoba government was thinking. However, that did not happen. In fact, in several instances, the very opposite has taken place all perpetrated by the five Ps – Politics, Pigs, Profit, Poop and Pollution.

The social and environmental consequences have been ignored.

John Fefchak

Virden, Man.


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