My Dad, Percy Starmore was a Barnardo Home Boy

Dear Editor,

On reading Anne Davison’s story about Dr. Thomas Barnardo Homes for BH children: Yes, I’ve got a life story of my Dad, Percy Starmore’s life in England and also Canada.

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He arrived in Canada in 1903 and went on to Winnipeg first, then on to an Arrow River farmer.

I’ve also got a baby picture of Dad at two years old. Dad was neglected by his mother in a family of nine – eight boys and one girl.

He lost three brothers in World War One.

I sent to England as I am the only descendent left, to get the start of his life in the Home in England. He was born in 1891, Bedfordshire, England. I am grateful I sent to England (for it).

Ethel Bowles,

Virden, MB

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