Why is CBD oil illegal ?

Trudeau’s marijuana legalization misses the mark

The total focus of the Liberal marijuana legalization is all about recreational pot smoking. A legal-age customer can walk into any government approved retail outlet and buy all the buds he or she can carry out. Smoke enough joints and you will get high as a kite. No different than consuming too much alcohol.

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\Now if I wanted to purchase a small bottle of CBD oil at this same outlet, I will be asked to show my medical marijuana certificate. CBD oil will reduce inflammation and pain, relieve muscles spasms, has anti seizure properties, combats anxiety, and is a sleep aid. 

No amount of CBD consumption will get a person high. So why does one need a special certificate to purchase a product which takes the pain away from my old body? Why does the government want to control oil from a plant used by the Chinese for over 5,000 years?

Looks like the Liberals are more interested in making money off the recreational user than providing access to those who need CBD oil as a medicine. Leaving out the marijuana oils in the Liberal legalization plan is a huge mistake.

Inky Mark, former MP

Dauphin, Man.

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