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Mannerly adress

Dear Editor: I refer to a word that seems so overused in this era of time ... “Guys”.
All customers are not "guys".

Dear Editor: 

I refer to a word that seems so overused in this era of time ... “Guys”.  What happened in society that brought this word beyond being popular to the older generation? Was there a notice in the media announcing that this change would be coming? 

We, from the older generation knew that ‘guy or guys' always meant a male person(s) … no questions asked, they were a male (masculine). 

Now even women are called guys! What has happened that labels them different, and not as a feminist? 

With respect, I will add some thoughts for consideration. Students, servers in restaurants, grocery store clerks, etc.  need to be more aware of how to properly address people in a dignified manner.  Instead of Hi Guys, (to a mixed company), can I take your order?” rather, “Hello folks, are you ready to place your order?” or “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Thimble, would you like a seat in the upper lounge today?” 

The intent of this message is not to cause division or insult to the readers. The intent is to help all of us to reflect, and to be a more considerate society.  

Norma Tibbits-Fefchak, 

Virden, MB.