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Pallister tells Manitobans, Biden should say ‘yes’

What about treatments for COVID-19, such as ivermectin? Pallister sidestepped.
Brian Pallister outside Brandon's Keystone Centre in 2020.

It was unusual to have a press conference on Saturday morning, but Premier Pallister told Manitobans that he and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum are in agreement to help Manitobans, by sending available vaccines from America here, now.

Pallister pointed out that with Manitoba currently a hotspot in North America for COVID-19, it would be appropriate for the USA to help their biggest trading partner and friend nation.

Pallister also indicated that despite President Joe Biden’s words saying he would help other nations by providing vaccines, it is Biden who has blocked the move to release vaccines to Manitoba.

He pointed to the North Dakota vaccination program of Manitoba’s international trucking community several weeks ago. He also referred to recent hopes to have Manitoba teachers receive a vaccine there as well, although that has not taken place as yet.

Pallister said the vaccines are available in the USA. They have extra. Manitoba has the refrigerator trucks, the drivers, and the clinics with staff to give the vaccines. Let’s get the show on the road.

Prime Minister Trudeau has apparently agreed to approach the US leader to have the vaccines released to Canada. How will that turn out?

Pallister also emphasized that Manitoba has drug manufacturing ability of its own. We have research and production facilities in Winnipeg.

And another thing

He finished the broadcast with that information when the Empire-Advance asked about another kind of hesitancy. That of the hesitancy to talk about treatment options.

The question was not about vaccines, which are 65 per cent effective for those who have had one shot and protection is expected to be up to up to 85 per cent when vaccinated twice. Although, with variants evolving, maybe the vaccination process will have to continue every six months. We don’t know.

My question was, what about ivermectin hesitancy? We are waging a war against COVID-19. Are we fighting on the land, on the sea, and from the sky? I suggested that if we do not ramp up treatments as they appear to be available, we are not doing all we can for Manitobans.

I provided a recent example of a doctor, Dr. Alessandro Santin, a practicing oncologist who runs a large laboratory at Yale, who believes firmly that ivermectin could vastly cut suffering from COVID-19.

I asked if Manitoba health professionals are looking into this and other such treatments.

Ever adept at using questions to give a positive outcome, Premier Pallister pointed to Manitoba’s medical research abilities, even suggesting the province may be doing more vaccine research.

Well, of course, ivermectin is nothing like a vaccine. It’s another approach and to the extent that it does work, wouldn’t this treatment be another important tool?

Why do I continue to bring this drug to the surface? Because it is one of the most broadly used drugs in the world. It’s relatively safe (some say safer than over the counter pain killers), and many practicing medical doctors say they have used this drug successfully to prevent COVID-19 or reduce its severity and successfully improve the health of those with long COVID.

Here’s a quote from a publication: “When COVID came along, Dr. Santin began reading about how best he might help his cancer patients, 10 to 20 percent of whom were coming in infected with COVID. He began using ivermectin after the National Institutes of Health changed its advisory in January to allow the drug’s use outside of COVID trials.”

Is this oncologist and scientist from Yale University lying? Is he misguided (to be generous)?

What is going on that some doctors are claiming up to 85 per cent efficacy with ivermectin, yet we hear nothing in mainstream media about it and nothing from our public health professionals?

My question, is Manitoba looking into this treatment? Pallister acted as though he doesn’t know that ivermectin is a treatment not a vaccine.

Right now, the vaccine protocol fills the whole viewfinder. Pallister said that most people who land in hospital, some fighting for their lives, are those who have not been vaccinated. Most – but not all.

So, with a vaccination program that is hitting on, say five out of eight cylinders for reasons of availability, efficacy and vaccine hesitancy, why not roll out more treatment measures?

Some studies say ivermectin is not effective. Well, it won’t be effective for everyone. It won’t be effective for anyone, unless it is used, and at the correct dosag. 

Cancer treatments are not effective for everyone and antibiotics don’t save everyone where they are the accepted protocol.

Medicine goes with treatments all the time that are not 100 per cent effective. Those treatments are nonetheless considered extremely important.

I do hope Prime Minister Trudeau can move President Biden to release vaccines through ND Republican Gov. Burgum. Because, as Premier Pallister pointed out, there’s a chain of communication in government, as seen in Mayor Brian Bowman’s need to communicate with Pallister’s government through the Minister of Municipal Affairs.