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Parents association rejects education bill

Manitoba Association of Parent Councils Inc.,

Since the introduction of Bill 64, the Education Modernization Act, as well as other legislation to make drastic changes to K to 12 education in Manitoba, parents and other education partners have been analyzing over 300 pages of legislation.

“The introduction of this legislation during a pandemic has meant parents, students and other education partners have had to change their focus from staying safe from COVID while learning, to protecting our democratic rights and education system”, said Brenda Brazeau, Executive Director of the Manitoba Association of Parent Councils Inc., (MAPC).

“We decided we needed to initiate a broad grassroots effort to address these proposed changes”, said Vice President of MAPC, Arlene Reid, who is not only a parent but also a School Trustee with the Winnipeg School Division. “We have invested in building the coalition and a new vision for education in Manitoba.”

We invite concerned Manitobans to join us in not only rejecting this bill, but in creating an education system that works for all Manitobans. “We know what works for success in learning and education” said, Education Professor, Lee Anne Block. We know that having parents involved in their child’s school and education improves student attachment to school, their leaning and self-confidence at school.

We need evidence-based and research guided education policies, governance, and practices, not political and fiscally driven goals to cut taxes. Investing in children is one of the most important things a government can do. This bill has the ability to do immense damage to the future of education in Manitoba.

We need to allow parents to be parents, let teachers teach, allow principals to be education leaders, and let trustees continue to govern. Local decentralized education governance is supported by research, as is physical education and reducing poverty to improve learning and test scores. Parent volunteers cannot and should not take on the roles of paid division staff, human resource officers and elected school trustees. This will mean a loss of democracy and important local programs.

Undermining our education system during a pandemic is unacceptable; families and school staff have worked incredibly hard to keep children safe and learning since March 2020. We deserve better. Join us in an open conversation on how we can make a change. Visit our website at for more information.


Manitoba Association of Parent Councils Inc.,

Board of Director