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and Covid

Dear Editor: 

" It was last on a list of eight threat scenarios, but the danger of a global pandemic made the cut when the Liberal government issued a national security policy in 2004. With the then-recent SARS outbreak in mind, the government said it would integrate its approach to public health emergencies with its national security agenda, including when drafting threat assessments" re:( Easter Traditions and Manitoba case- count hold steady, WFP, April 12. 2020)

To me, it seems that governments, (of all stripes) continually make promises to no end, then disregard them in the final analysis of budget cuts; benefitting for their continued popularity and political success.  How sad, as the consequences in this virus matter has left Canada exposed to the COVID -19 crisis. Costly? You bet, in many more ways than just money.

Will they ever learn?

John Fefchak