Putting legs to 13 Ways

Community tidiness is simple, but maybe not easy

Putting legs to the 13 Ways 

Garbage has been collecting along the ditch of the West Frontage Road for months, until this week, when one Virden citizen took matters into his own hands.

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Kelvon Smith donned his work clothes and began gathering up disposable cups, food wrappers and assorted litter from the ditch.

Garbage bags were lined up on the south Frontage Road by Sunday afternoon. On Monday, Smith had moved further along with several more black garbage bags lined up.

He's been at it all morning but by 11:30 Monday it's starting to rain and Smith will stop for lunch.

Why is he tackling this?

Smith states, “I’m tired of it.” Then he firmly adds, “13 ways to kill a community. First impressions!” Need more be said?

He was alluding to the list in the book by the same name, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community, which was also a presentation two weeks ago by community development guru, Doug Griffiths.

Bad first impressions would fall under:

6. Don’t paint.

Turning a blind eye to the trash would fall under the rules:

12. Be complacent

13. Don’t take responsibility

From time to time, and as recently as earlier this year, people have voiced their concern about the “upkeep” of Virden. Among larger matters of signage advertising the treasures within Virden, and the repair of the east bridge on PR 257, cosmetic items such as messiness, unkempt business fronts, unmown frontages and litter have been listed. Things that detract from Virden’s image and appeal.

Now’s here’s an idea to go along with Smith’s action.

That’s a big job for one person. Specially to KEEP it clean. The garbage is there because of the businesses that service the constant stream of traffic to their fast food, gas and hotel services.

Doesn’t this It look like a great opportunity for businesses to team up and do something for their community?

Why not ‘donate’ to a non-profit group – perhaps youth oriented – to do the pick-up. The frontage business community, or some broader organization, could sponsor the group and be doing the community, themselves and their customers a big favour while supporting a volunteer non-profit group.

Lest you think that garbage pick-up is insignificant, consider this: would you want your front yard, or your home to look like Virden’s Frontage Road ditch used to look?


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