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Take care of spirituality


Take care of spirituality

Is there anything as touchy as dissenting political opinions? Yes, dissenting ideas of religion are also sizzling hot, but let’s consider it differently, as spirituality.

First Nations leaders say that spirituality is the way forward.

Many people say their faith is deeply personal and they don’t want to discuss the topic. That’s understandable. It’s a way to protect our deeply held and often indescribable feelings and ideas from others’ scrutiny. But I ask you, is there anything as important as personal spirituality?

We have professional spiritual leaders whom we rely upon to express religious ideas in a way that truly represents a faith’s practice.

In my opinion, no one has a complete revelation of the entity we refer to as God, or of things in the great beyond. I stand firmly on that statement because, if God is a higher power - the Creator, then God is too big for that. God is transcendent. God is not someone who can be poked at with a stick until He comes out from under the bed.

Key to Christian faith are the scriptures of the Holy Bible and the God-man Jesus Christ. However, even with that, there’s an element of revelation necessary for a person to make faith function in daily life.

What I’ve been hearing from First Nations for years now is that returning to their spirituality is key to wholeness. Traditional practices through walking journeys, rides involving horses, and visits to burial places include and may be based upon spiritual practices.

Since attending the ceremony at the Residential School cemetery, my next visit to my family’s graves will be different. More meaningful. A door of understanding has opened for me.


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