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When COVID-19 hits home

Connecting the Dots

There’s a path to follow if you think you have COVID-19 symptoms. That’s good news and you will find important details below.

The bad news is that anyone can get COVID-19, any age, and can become quite ill, or worse.

That reality struck home when our son Micah and his wife contracted COVID-19, following her trip to Europe for education. They are residents of Minneapolis, MN.

The good news, the couple has recovered, however during the height of Jen’s illness our daughter-in-law was not able to breathe properly without help. She has a touch of asthma and that was a factor.

She was hospitalized and treated with an anti-malarial drug, anti-biotic and of course, a respirator for oxygen.

A loss of sense of smell is reportedly a sign of COVID-19. Micah confirmed that. You wake up and do not smell the coffee.

He endured fever, exhaustion and pain alone, isolated in their apartment. “It is a very lonely disease,” he said.

There was nothing we could physically do to help.

Now, after three or more days symptom free, the Minneapolis Davisons can get groceries or other essential services themselves.

Looking back, he described several weeks of his illness, and the fear for his wife’s life saying, “It felt like an eternity while we were sick.”

Our daughter-in-law Jen is getting back to her university work, at home. Micah, having lost his job for the present, has registered with the Red Cross as a volunteer.

My message today - have compassion on your neighbours, store clerks, everyone who is allowed to serve the public. Regard the distancing rules and if you are experiencing any symptoms, don’t brush them off. Stay home.

Manitoba information:

The online screening tool is now available in an interactive voice response (IVR) format. CALL 1-877-308-9038

Not a replacement for Health Links-Info Sante, it’s specifically for Manitobans who prefer to complete the screening tool by phone.

Contact Health Links-Info Santé at 204-788-8200 or 1-888-315-9257 (toll-free) if you're experiencing symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

Do not call 911 unless it is an emergency.