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Editioral - Passing trends

Some things don’t ever go out of style. More than fashion, a trend or a fad, sound function is the house built upon a rock, enviable as one style after another passes by. Considering the family home, its purpose is the important core.

Robin's Review

Sky Brown

Letters: Lions Eye Bank

Dear Editor: The Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario, Inc. is a fortunate recipient through the efforts of Virden Donors Choice and is very grateful for their continued support as far back as 2000.


“If gays become accepted, then more people will decide to be gay. Yes, because after blacks gained rights, all the white people went out and decided to become black.” – Jon Stewart.
Goodbye Mr. C.

Goodbye Mr. C.

Music has always been a big part of my life. In fact, my parents would say that it was too big a part of my life while I was in high school many years ago.

Letter: Reviewing the budget

The first Manitoba Progressive Conservative budget - good intentions. This is not entirely a criticism. Good intentions are a necessary prerequisite for good deeds. For too many years, Manitoba budgets had neither good intentions nor good deeds.

Managing Your Money - May 27, 2016

Millennials are now the largest cohort in the Canadian workforce. Small wonder they are driving workplace transformation, destined to reshape our country and possibly the entire world - and yet, many of them still live at home.
Robin's Review - May 27, 2016

Robin's Review - May 27, 2016

Oak Lake’s Brandon Masson experienced some definite highs and lows this past winter. In his second season with the Flin Flon Bombers junior hockey club, the son of Mike and Renee suffered a knee injury that kept him out for two months.

An Oil Slick - May 27, 2016

The visiting teams are doing a number on the home teams during this year’s Stanley Cup season.

Letter: Arsneic Advisory

Dear Editor: Virden’s Water Advisory for arsenic finally lifted as water meets standard. (Virden Empire- Advance, May 20).