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Managing Your Money - July 10, 2015

Change can be tough but we live with it every day. We age, our working, personal and family life changes. Our financial goals and expectations change. And as these things change so does our need for insurance.

Letter: What About the Arsenic?

Dear Editor: What About The Arsenic? "Ottawa, and the province will spend $8M on Virden project.

Costing the Beef

Those who work the hardest, day in and day out, are often the least rewarded, financially? I say that, seeing images of a farmer out the corner of my eye.

Letter: Manitoba debt on the rise

The worst lies always sound so nice. In politics, some of the craftiest examples are: “no problem” and “it’ll be easy.” Here’s the reality, in Manitoba we have a problem and it won’t be easy to fix. Manitoba is free falling into debt.

Letter: Bringing back Canada Child Benefit

Dear Editor, It’s no surprise that parents with young children hold more than half of all of Canada’s household debt. From parental leave and daycare to sports and school supplies, the costs of raising a child don’t stop adding up.

Didn't see that coming

Of course we didn’t. It was an accident. And if we could see around corners and into the future we would change some things (we think).

Managing Your Money - July 3, 2015

You may have received a reminder notice from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) indicating that you should make a quarterly tax installment. It is important to make these payments on time because ignoring the notice may be costly.
Ask Strays That Can't Pay

Ask Strays That Can't Pay

Dear STCP, I am moving and cannot take my pet with me - how do I rehome my pet? Dear Reader, Rehoming your pet is a very serious event. Remember, your family is attached to your pet as well as your pet is attached to you.

Managing Your Money - July 31, 2015

“Easy” and “simple” decisions don’t always add up to the right financial/estate planning answers. Here are a few “because I can” decisions to consider just a bit more carefully.

Managing Your Money - June 26, 2015

Investing for income - five fundamentals A sound financial plan usually includes developing and maintaining a portfolio of investments that you will, at some point, tap into on a regular basis to cover living expenses or for some other ongoing need.