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Letter: Sprucing up Downtown

Dear Editor: Great letter Kelvon Smith! We think keeping the signs from the movie company and all the painting they did would be a great improvement to our downtown area. The downtown area has been going downhill for years.

You Matter

Ever feel like you are fighting a losing battle? That no matter what you do, or don’t do someone is going to disagree with it? This is the part of life I am sure we could all do without.

Letter: Moive Façades sprucing up downtown

Dear Editor: I was thinking how great that one block downtown on Seventh Avenue looks with all those new signs and ancient ones... plus the window with all the duct tape has been replaced. The downtown looks like something now.

An Oil Slick

Now that senior baseball is over for another year, (the SWBL final between Hamiota and Boissevain will be over tonight) it's time to pause, reflect and offer suggestions for improvement to this very popular summer past-time.

Letter: Environment Protection

"Canada must pass laws to protect water and the environment because it takes "pathetic care" of the nation’s water resources".

Letter: Gas Explosion

I, along with most of those in Virden last Friday, felt the concussion from the gas explosion on Thompson Pl.

Managing Your Money - August 14, 2015

Your cottage, or any other vacation property for that matter, can be an important part of your family life - and you might want to leave it to your family.
Ask Strays That Can't Pay

Ask Strays That Can't Pay

Dear STCP, My family and I are thinking about getting a dog. There are so many to choose from. Do you have any advice on how to pick our perfect dog? So, you think you’re ready for a dog. You saw a photo in an ad of a cute little fluff ball.

Managing Your Money - August 7, 2015

It m ay be that ‘child’ of yours is getting married or that you simply want to pass along some of the wealth you have worked so hard to accumulate during your lifetime. Either way, you want to help them buy a home.

Letter: Mulcairs' Focus

Dear Editor: Mulcairs’ focus on the Senate could backfire. (Brandon Sun, 15 June) I am sharing my feelings on our present Senate situation.