An Oil Slick

Virden hole in one tops this week's report


Nothing is more gratifying or satisfying in golf than jugging your tee shot, hitting that perfect shot, a hole in one. For the second time in his life, Robbie McDougall accomplished this rare feat when he canned his ace on Virden's par three, fifth hole with a perfectly placed seven iron that slowly dropped into the bottom of the cup.

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Trivia time, name the five golfers who have won four majors within a two-year span?


Many feel that by incorporating more high technology into sports, the game, whatever it may be, will take longer to play, something most fans don't want to see. So the question becomes what's more important, getting it done faster or getting it done right? I hope you agree that the best and only answer is... Get the call right.

That hand pass non-call in the Blues-Shark series that led to the winning goal in OT would have taken a whole 10 seconds to confirm the illegal action, another non-call that the refs blew. Everyone knows that all the action in the playoffs is magnified and as such, deserves to have the right calls made, at all times.

The Bruins-Blues Stanley Cup final has all the makings of a good one, two big teams that like to grind it out. Beantown may be better on paper, (just ask Randy Kalynuk, Dennis Kyle and Todd Gerring), but I'll take St. Louie in six.


Canada has won another medal at the World Hockey Championships but unfortunately they had to settle for silver, losing to the unheralded Team Finland, who had to beat Sweden and Russia just to get to the gold medal game.


The regular season is under way and manager Des Koop has assembled a competitive group that should be able to push for a playoff spot. After defeating the Reston Rockets in their home opener, the boys (1-1) lost to the Hamiota Red Sox. They will now play a doubleheader on Sunday in Souris and Wawanesa before going to Reston on June 7th.


The Wheat City Whiskey Jacks' Expedition League season is underway and you just have to love some of the team names. Take for example: Badlands Big Sticks, Casper Horseheads, Spearfish Sasquatch, Hastings Sodbusters, Hub City Hotshots, Souris Valley Sabre Dogs and my personal favourite, the Fremont Moo.


What can you say about the Toronto Raptors after they defeated the Milwaukee Bucks in their biggest game in franchise history, winning the Eastern Conference. The last two games have been extremely entertaining and there is no doubt that Kawhi Leonard is right now the best player in the league, deserving of MVP honours.

If he can get some help from the supporting cast, they will give the GS Warriors all they can handle in the NBA finals. Through perseverance and talent, this team has captured the hearts of all Canadians but they'll only get once shot at stardom as Kawhi won't be around for the second act. He'll go where ever the money leads him and sadly, it certainly won't be back with the Raptors.

Trivia answer, none other than Jack, Arnie, Tiger, Ben Hogan and now Brooks Koepka. Until next time....



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