Archers compete at Eternal Springs

On Sunday, Sept. 9, the Fort La Bosse Wildlife Association (FLBWA) hosted its first 3D Archery competition at Eternal Springs.

This event had approximately 30 competitors from Western Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan. 

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The course consisted of two rounds of 20 targets each at various distances. 

One course required the shooter to estimate the distance to the target before they shot. The second course was a known distance where the ranges to the targets varied from two yards to 50 yards with various shooting positions designated for different ages and equipment types. The youngest competitors were nine years old! 

The shooting course was spread along the scenic trails of Eternal Springs with the 3D animal targets placed to cause the shooter to have to adjust their shooting position to the terrain. 

Participants commented that the setup and views from the course were spectacular.

For those who are unfamiliar with the area, the Virden and Area Wildlife Association (different from the FLBWA) have done a great job of trimming and grooming miles of walking and hiking trails along with the stocked fish ponds for the public’s enjoyment.

There was a barbecue lunch on site and prizes awarded to all competitors. We have many sponsors and volunteers to thank who made this event a success, we will be publishing this list in the future. 

For information on the FLBWA archery and shooting sports, visit our Facebook page.  

The event organizers are already planning our 2019 3D shoot.

Submitted by Matt Hipwell


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