Judo Development Camp in Virden

The Southwest Judo Club hosted Manitoba with its 2018 Development Camp at Virden Junior High, Saturday, Oct. 13. 

The day was an opportunity for Southwest Judoka to train with students from all over the province.  Selkirk and Brandon clubs were well represented sending 10 students each and eight instructors. 

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The Camp’s major goal is for every student to receive instruction from every Sensei (teacher) and for every Sensei to teach at every skill level present.

Some were at the very beginning level while others were pre-emerging elite athletes training for Canada Winter Games. 

As one Sensei from Dauphin put it, “I get a chance to really teach judo.”

As the chief instructor of the Southwest Club, I oversaw the instruction and contributed specific skill elements such as the introduction to tournament session. Students never having competed before were shown how and where to enter into and begin competition matches.

By following the Long Term Development Model (from Judo Canada) students were challenged to learn new skills and meet new friends.

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