The Last Oil Slick

As some of you may know, my wife Norma and I have moved to Saskatoon, Sask. to try out city life and to be closer to family, so this will be my parting message and the last Oil Slick that I will pen after more than 25 years of writing this column. That number itself is so very hard to believe as it seems like only yesterday I wrote my first column.

It has been a very rewarding experience in so many ways and an honour and a pleasure to be allowed to put pen to paper to express my thoughts and opinions on athletes and/or the various sports they play throughout the world.

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It was always fun and exciting, but also a challenge with some deadline pressure, to piece together a column that one thought and hoped to be newsworthy enough.

I would like to thank and express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the entire Empire-Advance staff for their help, flexibility, encouragement and guidance over the years.

Also, thank you to the people who got me into doing this gig in the first place way back in May, 1994, most notably Eva Waines and editor Brenda Griffith and then later Diane Hanson.

I would also like to thank the people who, over the years, would take a minute to give me information, their thoughts and opinions, plus feedback (both positive and negative) and especially to those who took the time to read my "drivel" week after week (which, according to my wife, numbered about four of you).

So thanks Virden, all the best and good luck to the Oilers, Oil Caps, Oil Kings, all the Golden Bears and minor hockey teams and all the other local sports teams in pursuit of their goals. I wish you all well. It's been a pleasure.

Alas, no more next time...

We at the Empire-Advance THANK YOU Ken, for faithfully supplying your weekly column. We will miss your gutsy, tongue-in-cheek style, keeping us up to speed in sports around the world and pointing readers to what was on the horizon for the local sports scene.

We wish you and Norma a great time in Saskatoon - “Paris of the Prairies” - VEA Staff.



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