VCI Sports Report: Bears finish strong

As both the hockey and basketball seasons come to a close, the Virden Collegiate Bears are finishing off strong. With badminton, baseball, and track and field right around the corner, these athletes are just finishing their respective seasons as the others are just beginning.


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Hockey came to a close after the boys were defeated by Dauphin in the first round of playoffs. They played a strong season and finished league play in sixth place. With many players in grades 10 and 11, the team is sure to have some strong veterans next year.


The Varsity Girls basketball team have had the odds stacked against them all season but hope to finish on a high note. With the chance to win the Zone Nine banner and the chance to compete in provincials with the wild-card spot, the Varsity Girls will be giving their all this week to finish their season well.


The Varsity Boys have been doing very well, winning the Killarney tournament last weekend, and overall playing well throughout their season.

They received third place in the Carberry tournament the weekend before and will soon have the chance to qualify for the upcoming provincial championship.


The Junior Varsity Girls spent much of their season developing their skills as players and as a team. While they didn’t win many games, they learned a lot more about playing their best. Fewer than half of the girls on the team were returning members, which brought many opportunities for the newer players to learn and grow.

Finally, the Junior Varsity Boys team has done well this season, and hopes to finish off strongly.

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