Virden volleyball girls hit Vegas

Club West is up and at it with volleyball teams in 14-17U categories. So far the girls have competed in four tournaments.

The 16s won the early bird Westman 16U tournament. The 17s competed in three tournaments to date, coming third in Westman Early Bird 18U as well as finishing third in our home tourney.

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The 17s team also headed down to Vegas to take in the 33rd annual Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA) volleyball tournament. With over 500 teams and 105 courts, it was a real eye opener.

The girls played teams from all over the US, which made it that much more exciting. Right off the hop they took on the number one ranked team out of Seattle.

Our 17s are a young crew and got taught a lesson on speeding up the game. It was a great experience in seeing where we have to take our game to get to the next level.

The girls finished about 25th out of 100 teams, which was higher than we were ranked going into it. Definitely a great experience and one we will do again.

This is Club West’s third experience at this tournament, perfect for players to see what they have to work towards to be a post-secondary player.

Club West also has a 14U squad which just returned from Regina. They did very well there and in their home mini tournament.

Coming up in the next couple weeks, all the teams will be out playing. Stay tuned for results.

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