We’re excited about March 12 publications

We try and pack as much information and entertainment as we can into each weekly paper. We’re excited about Robin’s front page sports story this week, and news about vaccinations for Virden and Reston. We know there was more we, and some of you, our readers, wanted to communicate this week and we’re always sad when things don’t fit. Be sure to check HERE, online, as much more is published, popping up over the days and weeks.

Publishing for March 12 was especially busy, with an additional full 28 pages dedicated to Farm & Field. We think there’s enough human interest along with agricultural news to appeal broadly.

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This issue was well supported as there is true optimism in agriculture, and rightly so.

Farm & Field is travelling far and wide throughout southwest Manitoba. Hats off to Candice McLauchlan our sales/design staff who provides the fuel for the large issue through her advertising work.

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