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Consumers didn’t suddenly decide one day that they wanted to be better informed before making a buying decision. The Internet simply made it easier to gather information about businesses before they made up their mind.

This didn’t eliminate referral business - but it did change the way it occurred.

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These days, a referral is part of a longer process that includes learning about businesses before you need them and then looking them up after someone has recommended them to you.

As a result, consumers are much more informed and selective but the same key consumer triggers are still in play: trust, reliability, professionalism, expertise - all traits that today’s consumers say influence their buying decisions.

Based on this new way of buying, the Virden Empire-Advance has developed a powerful new program called StandOUT because it really helps businesses stand out in their local market. StandOUT positions your business as both highly credible and connected to the community. And best of all, it helps increase and optimize customer referrals.

We’ve packed a lot of value into the StandOUT program. You’ll receive a professionally written article. This article is written on a topic related to your business that positions your organization as professional, helpful and trustworthy. Each article is approximately 300-400 words in length (just as long as this article), and is written to be engaging, web-friendly and easy to digest.

Plus your article stays up on our website continuously, so the article keeps building your brand over time. And you can keep linking to the article and referencing it as long as you like.

You also have the option to have your article printed in the newspaper at no extra charge. All you need to do is approve it within seven days of receiving the copy and it will be published in the Virden Empire-Advance at no additional cost to you.

We’ll then reinforce your message with 10,000 display ads online, targeted specifically to your key demographic in your primary market.

And the article is promoted on the homepage of the Empire-Advance website and linked to your website and email.

The StandOUT program allows us to continually promote your business in a variety of ways. Featured articles build credibility. The association with the newspaper, the most trusted source for information in the Virden market, increases trust in your brand. It also gives you the opportunity to be featured in a positive light in a place where customers are finding out about their community on a daily basis.

Right now, your business can be featured in the StandOUT program for only $350, a substantial discount from the regular price.

Don’t forget, for $350 you’ll receive:

  • a professionally written article;
  • 10,000 display ads on line;
  • the searchable article will continuously appear on the home page of the Virden Empire-Advance website; and
  • the article will run in the print newspaper

For more information on StandOUT, you can email or call us at or 204-748-3931

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