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People are a community’s greatest resource. This is especially true of those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a fierce devotion to their community. Holly Smith and Jamie Roberts are good examples of such people. Holly, along with help from Jamie and friends and family have run the local haunt (for Hallowe’en) for a couple of years. “Having such an amazing turnout at the haunt we wanted to be able to offer a similar event year round. It’s a new and different kind of entertainment for this area, but escape rooms have been around for a while and are very popular.

  “An escape room is a game where players are locked in a theme room. They have to work together to solve a series of puzzles and tasks in order to escape the room! It’s great for promoting team building skills and problem solving strategies. Our rooms will be completely immersive, and some will even offer choices which can throw a twist into the game,”added Smith.

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  The hope is for station x to have 5 rooms up and running eventually. Four are under construction right now! According to Smith, the themes will change every few weeks, and there will be different challenge levels. There are also plans to offer themed party areas that will be available for booking.

  And there’s more ideas for the future including a version of laser tag. When you visit station x you will also find retail space offering unique items for sale as well as showcase work from local vendors.

  Transforming the space which was formerly Stoney’s Movies & More has been a long process which is still in the works, but every day gets them closer to completion. “The building offered us the space we required to be able to build several rooms, but had been vacant for a few years. Of course we had to make sure everything was in proper working order first, and it needed some TLC. The goal is for a May 1st opening.”

  This new venture is great news for Deloraine. At a time when there are several empty spaces and buildings where once there were businesses, it couldn’t come at a better time. And more good news is there still will be a haunt. “ The haunt in 2018 turned into a weekend of Halloween events and it was fantastic! We had over 1000 out of town guests attend the event and it was great for Deloraine. The past 2 years the haunt was held in the upper section of the Prairie Skills building, it was a fundraiser for the building. All of the proceeds from the haunt went towards the restoration project. Putting on the haunt, all the costumes etc. has been privately funded for the past 2 years and our hope is that this seasonal event will bring in enough to cover that cost this year.”

  While the haunt is seasonal, station x will offer five themed escape rooms year round.

  “In October we will run two escape rooms for most of the month while the rest of the building transforms into “The Nightmare Factory”.We are working on a separate enclosed area at the back of the building that will house a kids Halloween carnival as well.

  Congratulations to Smith and Roberts for introducing a new, exciting venture to the area that will go a long ways in revitalizing the local economy and making Deloraine a destination.


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