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Bingo, road trips, resident joins Evergreen, family ceremonies plus students’ destinations

Community reporters from Princess Lodge and Evergreen Place in Virden and news for the town of Miniota keep readers up to date on happenings of families and news within the residences.
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Helen Martens (L) and her only sibling Katherine, from Colorado. They had not seen each other for several years and were making the most of the opportunity to visit.

Princess Lodge By Janice Simpson

Joyce Heaman had Jonathan Lesyk of Edmonton Alberta visit on Friday and Saturday for a couple of hours and had supper on Monday night with Brian, Sandy and Jonathan at the farm.

Nora Gerrand has moved into Princess Lodge. I hope you will enjoy it here, Nora.

We are going to start bingo on Thursday nights.

Quote for the week: Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.

Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and discover they were the big things.

Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

Hello, September! I wish all the readers a month filled with peace, love and happiness.

 Labour Day happens this weekend. It is a statutory national holiday celebrated throughout Canada on the first Monday of September. The origin of Labour Day in Canada can be traced back to a printers’ revolt over working hours in 1872 in Toronto. They tried to establish a maximum fifty-four-hour work week. Much can be read about this time. While there are still areas that put on parades, most Canadians simply celebrate Labour Day as the last, long holiday before school begins again.

We had a residents General Meeting on Aug. 25, with our president, Marlene Balzar presiding. Numerous items were discussed, all depending on Covid restrictions.

Janet Cross visited relatives and friends in Calgary this past month.

Eileen Price is on a road trip again, going to a shower in Winnipeg, and visiting friends on the way.

Irene Rowand's sisters Karen McCutcheon from Rocanville and Lynn Garvey from Wapella, came to visit her on Wednesday, Aug. 25.

Michael Campbell went to Souris for a birthday barbecue supper, in his honor, at his brother Paul, and Jennifer Campbell’s, on Aug. 29.  Then on the 30th a friend took him to Brandon to Kim’s Asian Restaurant for a birthday meal.

This last week, Terri Mills moved into Evergreen Place from Arrow River. We welcome you, Terri, into the Evergreen family. We hear we could have more moving in soon and we look forward to it.

After the big rainfall we had lately, our grass is turning green and has started to grow again. So, Chris Leach has been busy at his job mowing grass again.

Thank you to whoever brought fresh vegetables to Evergreen. Whoever picked them up, have a wonderful treat.

Quote for the Day: "We need joy as we need air. We need love as we need water. We need each other as we need the earth we share." - Maya Angelou

Miniota News By Linda Clark

Many from this area attended the Jacey Lee Memorial Barrel Racing Competition at Spy Hill this past weekend. Beautiful weather, many entries, wonderful prizes and great fellowship made for a very special event.

Visiting with Stan and Bonnie Bryant this past week was Val Lelond Graham from Windsor, Ont.

The family of the late Howard and Shirley Richardson set up camp at the family farm for several days, gathering on Saturday, Aug. 28 at the Arrow River Cemetery for a graveside service for their mom and grandma, Shirley Richardson. Attending were Dale and Brenda Richardson and family, Winnipeg; Debbie and Terry Wikstrom and family, Winnipeg; Dennis and Chris Richardson and family, Winnipeg; Rosalie and Dick Thomson and their family, Brandon; and Glen and Adeline Richardson and family, Winnipeg. Others attending from outside our community were Kirt Little, Winnipeg; Art Lockhart, Killarney; Bill and Barb Gardham and family, Hamiota; David and Sylvia Hanlin, Rita Hanlin and Janet Widdicome, Lake of the Prairies; Elaine and Terry Mowez, Lynda Lyng and Shelley Slater, Virden; and Bruce and Kathryn Lyng, Nesbitt.

Those from a distance joining Phyllis Thompson and her family for a celebration of life service for Gordon Thompson on Sunday at Arrow River were Bob and Catherine Peel, Deloraine; Brian and Joan Peel, Virden; Murray and Bev Peel, Tracy McTavish and Blaine Peel, Brandon; Tyler Parobec, Brandon; Alex and Barb Parobec, Marilyn Woods, Darcy and Val Dunbar, Souris; Janet Widdicombe and Rita Hanlin, Lake of the Prairies; Brenda Lelond, Kirt Little, Dale Richardson and Dennis Richardson, Winnipeg; and Art Lockhart, Killarney. 

Brenda Lelond, Winnipeg visited with members of her family this past weekend, staying with Ron and Vicki Bryant.

Congratulations to Monelle Bryant, Heidi Clark and Brooke Thompson and their fellow teammates and coaches of the Hamiota U16 baseball team on bringing home gold medals at provincials this past weekend at LaSalle, MB.

We wish our young people well at university for the coming year. Jessica Young is attending the University of Regina enrolled in Education. Mikaela Young will be returning to the University of Ottawa to resume her studies in psychology. Jenna Wasteste is attending the University of Lethbridge enrolled in Psychology. Wyatt Anderson is returning to Miller College of the Bible at Sunnybrae B.C. for his second year of Biblical Studies. Gracie Sanders is studying in the science program at St. John’s, Newfoundland and Devon Sanders has returned to St. Francois Xavier, Nova Scotia, studying commerce. Rory Laite is studying nursing at the Brandon University. Keenan Lewis returns to the University of Winnipeg to further his studies in Conservation Biology.

It has been a wonderful summer filled with lots of hot weather. Children and families have enjoyed the outdoors and many families have enjoyed the opportunity to hold family gatherings.  However, summer is drawing to a close, and our young people head back to school this Wednesday, Sept.8.   Entering kindergarten at Miniota School are Ezmae Armstrong-Wall, Madison Brown, Melodie Cymbalisty, Wyatt Orosz, Madilynn Paull and Finn Fortier. Off to Grade 9 at the Birtle Collegiate are Coralee Anderson, Claire Armitage, Elise Armitage, Baker Bryant, Avery Clark, Addison Cousins, Brandi Couvier, Addison Hawtin, Clayton Judd, Aiden Lewis and Scotlin Priestley. Heading into their final year of studies at the Birtle Collegiate are Shane Anderson, Kasey Fouillard, Ashten Hawtin, Rianna Laite and Dawson Lelond. We wish all our students and staff a wonderful year filled with learning and fun!

For all our students this quote by Topher Kearby: “We have this incredible power called ‘kindness’. Just a little bit of it can change someone’s life. A word of encouragement, an authentic smile, or a willingness to listen when someone desperately needs to speak. It truly doesn’t take much.”  May each of you have a wonderful year and may you each seek out those possibly sitting by themselves who need a friend, and be that friend!