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Birthdays, wedding anniversaries and new babies celebrated at Princess Lodge, Miniota, and Evergreen

Our columnists tell what's going on in the communities and families of Virden and Miniota.


Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

"I love September, especially when we're in it." - Willie Stargell

September is a wonderful month. The weather is not as hot as it was in summer, the air is just getting a little brisk. Summer is left behind as the anticipation of autumn is near.

School should be in session by now. It is an exciting time of the year for all our school children, and possibly for the parents also, and youth - new clothes, new school supplies, new lunch kits, new teachers, new classrooms and for many a different school as they start high school or enter university. I wish all of you a very good year.

Our three September birthdays at Evergreen are Rose HighEagle, Penny Jones and Robert McLean. The September birthstone is sapphire, a deep blue color, but it is also present is almost every color, including pink, yellow and green. The sapphire has traditionally symbolized sincerity, truth, faithfulness and nobility. Happy Birthday to Rose, Penny and Robert from all of us at Evergreen.

Rose’s daughter, Darlene, her granddaughters and nieces put on a celebration for her at Canupawakpa. Then on the day of her birthday a few Evergreen residents took her out for a meal at the Golf Course restaurant.

Vern and Margaret Rollo's son Chad, came to visit his parents this past week.

Michelle Gabrielle and Ella were visiting Carol Gabrielle on the weekend.

Moving out? Moving in? Evergreen is a wonderful place to live, seldom boring. After this long pandemic, and we're still in it, and the long lockdown, there is movement, there is action and visiting to get to know each other. There are new faces as new residents move in. My friend Emmi Schneider is moving in from Kelowna, B.C. I am happy she chose Evergreen as her new home. If she is like me, she could have chosen it because of the tall evergreen trees around us. Having lived in northern Manitoba for so many years among the pine, fir and spruce trees, this feels like home to me. But moving always takes adjusting and Emmi, we welcome you and we will help you with the adjusting.

Michael Wile has gone to visit his daughter in Dauphin for a week.

My love for the Lions Campground is still alive, driving through it several times a week just to count the campers and to sit and read. This morning one of the big campers were leaving the campground for their home in the Edmonton area. They stopped in front of Evergreen and the family came in to say goodbye to their relatives living here.

The trees around Evergreen will be sprayed on Sept. 7. We need to close our windows before they spray.

Quote for the Day: "The windows are open, admitting the September breeze; a month that smells like notepaper and pencil shavings, autumn leaves and car oil. A month that smells like progress, like moving on." - Lauren Oliver

Miniota News By Linda Clark

Great Grandparents Stan and Bonnie Bryant are excited to share the news of their new granddaughter, Scarlett Audrey, born to Claudia Bryant and Lance Brown on Aug. 30 at Brandon. Scarlett is also welcomed by her grandparents Dean and Denise Bryant, St. Lazare and Les Brown, Lenore and Joan Brown, Virden and her great grandparents, Stan and Bonnie Bryant, Miniota; Denis and Claudette Simard, St. Lazare; Bertha Brown and Audrey Forsyth, Virden. Congratulations to all!

We welcome Jared and Megan Fortier, Finn and Nash who have moved from Saskatoon and have taken up residence at Kevin and Carol Bonner’s farm home. We hope you enjoy rural living.

Don and Sandra Armitage hosted a gathering to celebrate her mom’s, Margaret E. Heise’s 97th birthday. Also attending was Carolyn Somerville, Winnipeg; Allan Heise, Virden and Brian and Candice Armitage, Logan, Evan and Cole. Marg enjoyed a week of celebrations with visitors Kerilee Fouillard, Carter and Addie, Melfort, Sask.; Glenn Doupe, Vancouver, Colin and Sue Doupe, Sherwood Park, Alta; Vel Doupe, Hamiota; Lynn Heise, Winnipeg; Angie Heise, Isabella and Linda Clark, Miniota. Happy Birthday Marg!

73 years ago, on Sept. 4, 1948, a double wedding ceremony was solemnized at St. George’s Anglican Church at Kenton, when Hazel Curtis and Ed Wadham were married beside Hazel’s sister Nan and her husband John Roseveare. Our Miniota community extends a very happy 73rd wedding anniversary to Ed and Hazel Wadham at the Sherwood, Virden. What a wonderful milestone! To celebrate the occasion, Ed and Hazel travelled with John and Noreen Stowe to Kenton to attend a birthday supper in honour of Hazel’s brother, Bob Curtis.

My apologies to some of our university students who I missed in last week’s news. Best wishes go with Peyton Hawtin who is attending Dawson College, Montana, USA studying animal science; Becky Gardham who is studying agriculture – crop science at Lakeland College at Vermillion, Alta and Hailey Gardham who has returned to ACC in Brandon for GIS. 

Rodney and Loree Gardham enjoyed a trip to Vermillion, Alta, moving Becky to college.

Mandy Sanders and Rod McKean travelled with Gracie to St. John’s N.L. where she will attend university. They enjoyed touring the sights of the area.

Several women gave the Miniota United Church its annual fall cleaning in anticipation of the church reopening this coming Sunday. 

Our part of the country has just enjoyed beautiful weather for the Labour Day weekend.  Combines humming everywhere. Gardens being harvested. And families getting ready to head back to school.

“Colors of Autumn often muted by cloud and showers and a little of the loneliness and peacefulness as the summer season ends. We live in the beauty of four seasons, we are so fortunate. Each one has its own blessings and beauty.”  Author Unknown

Princess Lodge By Janice Simpson

Don and Margaret Simms of Oak River, Sharon Boulton and Karen Naumiuk from Oak Lake Beach had a visit and a lovely supper with Marge Tapp Tuesday Aug. 31.

Ray Everett of Brandon visited with Donna Everett and Ethel Bowles. Janice Durand of White Court, Alta. had a lovely visit with her dad Len Collier and other family members.

Cheryl Magotiaux from Qu’Appelle, Sask. visited her mother Irene Magotiaux for a few days. Sept. 4, Layton and Zachary White from Devils Lake, N.D. visited with Dawn White for a few days.

We have a new sidewalk from Princess Lodge to the co-op. It will be so nice not to walk on the road.

Great-grandma Janice Simpson is proud to announce the birth of a new great-granddaughter Alexandra Lexi. Excited parents are Randy and Kelsey Stuart.