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Common sense needed to protect water supply

A conservation-minded citizen expresses concern for eastern Manitoba aquifers in light of the proposed sand mine project.

Re: Calls for greater scrutiny of silica sand mine proposal mount in wake of allegations of behind-the-scenes of political maneuvering. (Winnipeg Free Press, Feb. 3)

If there ever was a time when plain common sense was needed, it is now. Water is not a game to be utilized, like Russian roulette. Water is for our life, and our future generations.

This is the result of governments’ wishy-washy policies and the illogical practice that agricultural and commerce operators have a right to run the show. Whatever happened to the public good as the guiding principle?

Approximately 750,000 residents of Winnipeg rely on drinking water from the Shoal Lake, Ontario reservoir. The two aquifers in the proposed area of SioSilica drilling feed Winnipeg's water source.

Has anyone considered this: What happens if the potential economic development destroys the water sources? Is there a plan for such a devastating catastrophe? Money will not quench the thirst for water!

Let us work and look to the future, for the sake of our children and future generations, a future that isn’t filled with disaster and water hardships.

John Fefchak, Virden, Man.


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