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Fefchak talks military dress

Re GRADUATION DAY. Cadets celebrate after receiving their Glider Pilot Training Course Wings. (Brandon Sun, Aug. 26)
John Fefchakat Canada Day in Victoria Park - Cold War Veteran, CWO (retired)

RCAF 2024 is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to honour, celebrate, and inspire Canadians to take ownership of their Air Force. April 1, 2024 marks 100 years of service for the RCAF as an independent military element. The Centennial is a unique opportunity to celebrate this milestone with all Canadians. In 2024, our nation's Air Force will be showcased in a past, present and future context, highlighting contributions to national safety and security, international peace and global stability.

The wedge cap shall be worn on the right side of the head, centered front and back, with the front edge of the cap 2.5 cm above the right eyebrow.

As a former disciplinarian, I am fully aware of the head dress standard (wedge cap), and how it is to be worn. It is NOT to be worn as a tea cozy, which I see in my encounters with all ranks, (including regular forces officers and air cadets) 

I look forward to a situation where a proper dress code will be followed with respect to the uniform and traditions of the RCAF.

The traditions of The Royal Canadian Air Force must be maintained.

The women's division (WD’s) during my early service did not wear a field service cap

(wedge). They wore a cap as shown in the link, which I believe is the more

practical and conducive head wear. I often wonder why this head wear is not in the inventory to-day?

I thank you for the opportunity.

Yours Truly,

John Fefchak

(CWO retired), Virden; Cold War Veteran - RCAF (1951-1982)






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