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FLBSD board accepts teacher resignation

In this board meeeting brief: a teacher is resigning, and other teachers are taking on temporary, part-time and full-time work with FLBSD.
Fort La Bosse School Division

Fort La Bosse School Division Board of Trustees and school division staff held a regular board meeting on Nov. 13 at 8 p.m.

Present: Chairperson Craig Russell, Vice-Chairperson Becky Flannery, Kayla Moore, TeresaVandenberghe, Bonnie James, Nicole Chaske, Secretary-Treasurer Kent Reid, Supervisor of Operations Mark Johnston;

Regrets: Superintendent of Schools Barry Pitz

There was no business arising out of the previous meeting minutes, no delegations, no communications requiring action and no in camera session.

Administrative reports

The superintendent presented resolutions to support staffing adjustments to accommodate leaves of absence and accept, with regret, the resignation/retirement of teacher Colleen Chapman.

A resolution was presented to approve a ski trip for 146 students from Virden Junior High on March 4, 2024.

The Secretary-Treasurer reviewed financial statements to the end of Oct. 31, 2024:

“Early in the year, our financial statements are very comparable to the prior year period. We continue to be impacted by inflation impacts on our fixed costs but otherwise are tracking within our budget allocations. A resolution was presented to approve the payment of our audit fees for the 2022-2023 audit engagement.

“We have been informed that the RFP for a provincial student information system has been cancelled and this project will move in a new direction.”

Other information on insurance coverages and labour relations was reviewed with the Board of Trustees.

The Supervisor of Operations reported on bus driver recruitment and gave a recap of the impact of weather on bus routes over the past few weeks.

The bus ridership program has been delivered in our schools for the first time since pre-COVID and went well. A new wheelchair school bus is currently being specified and will receive quotes soon.

In maintenance, ‘Minor D’ tours of our schools have been completed and this data will assist in budget preparation for 2024-2025.

Committee of the Whole

The Board reviewed the minutes from the Committee of the Whole meeting of Nov. 13 and the minutes from the Negotiations Committee meeting of Nov. 2.

New/Unfinished business

The Board of Trustees reviewed the Manitoba School Boards Association’s human resource services that are provided to school divisions as needed. The Board of Trustees also discussed a board collaboration opportunity for school divisions in MSBA Region 1. Further discussion on this opportunity will happen at our next meeting after attending the MSBA regional meetings next week.

Informational correspondence

Among correspondence, there’s a call for nominations for the 2024 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence


The Board of Trustees ratified the actions of the Superintendent for the following Limited Teacher Agreements by motions, Carried (Unanimous):

1.0 FTE for Stephen Densmore commencing Oct. 30, and concluding Jan. 31, 2024;

1.0 FTE for Howard Hole commencing Oct. 12, and concluding Dec. 22nd, 2023;  

0.25 FTE temporary increase to Jaret Heaman commencing Nov. 6, and concluding Dec. 1, 2023;

0.5 FTE for Shyron Enns commencing Nov. 9 and concluding June 28, 2024;

0.11 FTE temporary increase to Devon Caldwell commencing Nov. 1 and concluding June 28, 2024.

The Board accepted with regret the resignation of Colleen Chapman effective Dec. 31, 2023.

Moved by B. Flannery – K. Moore– The Board of Trustees approved the payment to Meyers Norris Penny LLP in the amount of $16, 500 plus applicable taxes.

The meeting adjourned at 9:06 p.m.

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