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Kenton roots honoured at Welsh show

The two-day Welsh Show that normally takes place on July 1 was held the first weekend of September and it proved to be a great time.

Two seniors from Kenton area, Donna Hunter and Doreen Lawlor, were recently honoured as founding members of both the Manitoba Welsh Pony and Cob Association and the long-running Welsh show.

At their 45th annual show held Sept. 4 and 5 in Virden, commemorative plaques were presented to both Donna and Doreen. Ever since the association was founded in 1975 the Hunter and Lawlor families have raised and shown ponies of this beautiful Welsh breed.

Doreen made certain her daughter, Sally arrived at Elkwood Manor bright and early Saturday to take her to the morning show where Doreen’s daughter Marcia was showing a pony.

Donna attended the event, relishing visits with many friends throughout the show while her daughter Julie emceed.

Along with the regular breed line classes, saddle and driving classes, a liberty event and fun gymkhana events, the costume classes

were filled with well-dressed children and ponies.

The two-day event continues to be a great time for pony lovers, including grandparents, parents and children. True to the founders’ vision, the camaraderie among Welsh pony enthusiasts is an important part of the show that draws participants and an audience from as far as Alberta and western Ontario. It’s a relatively small, but very keen crowd.