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Konektis to perform in Aud Theatre

Award winning Konektis Choir to perform April 4 on Virden's Aud Theatre stage
Konektis Choir. Photo/Keywest

We are in for a treat on Thursday, April 4, with the voices of Konektis Choir filling Virden Aud Theatre..

“The concert has tremendous variety and will be performed by veteran expressive adult choral musicians,” says Virden’s Michelle Chyzyk, artistic director and a conductor of Konektis.

Within Konektis Choir you will hear many Virden and area musicians.

Along with Keira Peters, Monique Waller and Laura Archambault, Daelyn Fefchak sings soprano.

Fefchak agrees that Konektis choir is true to its name, as the connections between the singers are very important.

She says, “Singing in a choir like Konektis is such an incredible experience. We all support each other with our voices when we learn new music, so as challenging as it may be, we all rely on each other and I think it's a super cool bonding experience that brings us together as singers and as people.

“It's great to be in a choir with people that are so well rounded! We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, which adds to the togetherness and teamwork of the choir.”

The choir has musical depth and flexibility. Fefchak says, “So many of Konektis' singers are also instrumentalists, so when we have pieces which require instruments it's not difficult to fill those roles.”

Other local voices include altos Jayenna Draper, Susan Martens, Andrea Neufeld and Rachelle Lesy. In the tenor section watch for Dylan Southam, Darrell Corbel and Shane Groom. Luke Munchinsky is a baritone and he will be performing a solo.

Dean Munchinsky, Evan Terin and Todd Plaisier can be heard in the rich bass line.

Plaisier says this repertoire has such variety that it will resonate with a wide range of people. “Our group has such a wide range of talented individuals that we have incorporated a number of instruments… that definitely adds a lot of variety.”

Within the choir’s repertoire are classical choir arrangements such as “i thank You God for most this amazing day,” to a recently released perspective on the morality of sin and indulgence in composer Hozier’s “Eat Your Young.”

“Apple Tree” by Norwegian singer, songwriter Aurora, is arranged by assistant conductor Clint McLachlan. “Cindy” an American folk arrangement will feature an exciting four hands piano part with Justine Burke and Andrea Neufeld. 

Of the selection, Plaisier says, “People who like classical choral music will find numbers with rich harmonies and full sound with amazing dynamics. To those that like a more upbeat number, we have a few that will have people tapping their toes and moving to the rhythm.”

Music excites, soothes, informs and stirs feelings of empathy with others. He says, “For me, the enjoyment comes form the emotions evoked by the music. The heights and lows that a musical journey can take you on.”

The collaborative pianist will be Justine Burke of Carberry (formerly Virden). Look for instrumentalists - Keira Peters on Violin, Darrell Corbel on guitar, Duncan Ross on bass, and Dylan Southam on a variety of percussion instruments.

Plaisier says, “Nobody will walk away from the concert disappointed, that is a guarantee.”

Earlier this month the choir performed in Manitou and Killarney. Virden will be the choir’s third Westman performance this spring.

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