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No one fights alone

Art and creativity comes from inner passions and sometime through pain.
08 - Faithmom
Created by Faith Rae in honour of her mom Katherine Rae

Faith Rae is an artist originally from southwestern Manitoba. She has been fascinated with drawing and painting portraiture from a young age. Naturally, this led her to paint and draw her family and friends in high school.

From current influences in art school, Rae is exploring abstraction and multi-media work. Her future goals after graduation with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Brandon University is to grow as an artist and an art teacher.

Faith says: “This body of work is in honour of my mom Katherine Rae, who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. I want to thank our friends and family for making this journey comfortable for my mom. The art shared in this space embodies the love, the strength and the reality of my mom’s diagnosis. Art-making became my form of therapy in order to process and express my own internal struggles of her diagnosis. I was also privileged to create personal work from my mom’s perspective of her life journey.

"I utilize paint and multi-media to express my inner emotions, personal narratives and to capture referenced photographs. This artwork is to celebrate the amazing person that my mom is. This work is envisioned to bring comfort to all my family and friends.”