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Send us your history

Binding Our Districts 

It has been over a year since we started this project, and the committee still wants to move forward. We need the community to help though, by encouraging neighbours and family to submit their stories. 
We have received short histories and long ones. For those struggling with what to include please just remember, it is your history, so you include what you deem important. 
Businesses within the area are also asked to submit. If you are in doubt of whether you are included, please ask or just submit anyway. No one will be turned away if they wish to be included. 
Maybe you were part of twinning the Trans Canada Highway or were affected by the flood that closed many of our roads in the area. Maybe you had home graduation this year and home schooled over zoom. All of it can be quite interesting to those who are reading. Have grandparents not seen those little grandchildren through all this?
You may drop off your submissions or pick up a form at Border Regional Library. They are open Tuesday to Saturday, and Laranda Bailey, the head librarian there is a member of the book committee.
If you have any questions the committee consists of Jay Kinnaird, Rebecca Nielsen, Laranda and Robert Bailey, Donna George, Marjorie Kilford, Marilyn Nugent, Dawn Nolan, Tamara Kreutzer, Kathy Heaman, Evelyn Odell and Les & Donna Odell.
At present there are only 135 histories in. We need many more to make a book publication worthwhile. We have extended the deadline one FINAL TIME. The new deadline is Jan. 31, 2022. Final Notice.
Hopefully this allows people to write them up over the holidays. Please do not miss out on being included in a wonderful keepsake and reference book. If we are not successful in our last efforts the book may be in danger of not being published. If that happens, we will be returning all deposits to the people who have pre booked a copy.
Donna Odell, Binding Our Districts History book committee